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01:03am 23/04/2006
  I am pleased to announce the launch of www.LunaconAlumni.org.

Please register at the site to see and share Lunacon Pictures and Memories.
(Currently hosting pictures for Lunacons 2003-2006)

Please also join the yahoo groups mailing list to receive related announcements.

E-mail: alumni_at_lunaconalumni.org with questions, comments or suggestions.
Lunacon 2006 
02:26pm 09/03/2006
  Luncaon 2006

When: March 17-19

Where: Hilton Hasbrouck Heights

How to get there: $3.10 via NJ Transit from Port Authority Bus Terminal
Take #163 "Upper Ridgewood via Union City" to Boulevard & Williams Ave,
and call 201-288-6100 for FREE hotel shuttle pickup.

What to bring: Clothing (Comfy Clothes & Pajamas, Optional: Fancy Underwear, Hall Costume, Dressing Up Encouraged)


Convention Programming:
Gaming (RPG, LARP, Settlers and other board games), Anime, Regency Dance, Sci-Fi Fantasy Art Show, Concerts/Filking, Book Exhibit/Raffle, Masquerade Ball (Costume), Dealers Room (Clothes, Books, Jewlery, Weapons, Shoulder Dragons)

Science Highschool's Alumni Suite Programming:
DDR, Karaoke Revolution, Festivities Friday & Saturday Night, Settlers of Catan, Ninja Burger, Scrabble, Jenga, Risk. Bring your own PS/2 games if you wish.

Lunacon is a science fiction fantasy convention unlike any other, with attendance under 1,000, it is small and intimate with a group of attendees that include some of the best and the brightest of New York City (mostly Science Highschool Students and Alumni) and it is a great networking opportunity. You will have an amazing time, there will be programming and people you fall in with, you will have fun.

How Much? $50 for a Badge to go to Con Programming and Bring a Sleeping Bag and Ramen, there are always people willing to host.
The scale: Bring Ramen or Bring $50 for Food. $50-$250 to spend in the dealers room. $20-50 to chip in on a room.
10:18am 26/01/2006
mood: excited
Calling all science fiction fans, and members of Sciffie (the Sci-Fi Club).

You are cordially invited to attend, Lunacon, a science fiction convention,
the attendance of which, consists of many Bronx H.S. of Science Alumni.

Lunacon 2006

March 17-19
Hilton Hasbrouck Heights

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10:10pm 25/01/2005
  Hey everyone, remember Chas? He wanted me to let people know that there's an Australia Day party at Tonic (7th ave between 48-49 st) this Saturday night at 9pm. So if you're free, stop by :)  
What You'll Wish You'd Known 
03:41pm 21/01/2005
mood: inspired
Paul Graham's
"What You'll Wish You'd Known"
found at http://paulgraham.com/hs.html
A guide to life, in the form of a H.S. graduation speech.
Posted on SlashDot

I recomend you read it and pass it on to loved ones who may be lost.

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Wed 11/24 
12:23pm 14/11/2004
  How many of you guys are showing up at bxsci that day? :P

Comment to respond :D
08:59pm 23/09/2004
  Does anyone actually still use this?  
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08:48pm 18/06/2004
  Hey, any of you guys wanna hang out soon if you guys are in town?

Miss you all,

11:17am 08/04/2004
  So, who is in town this weekend? :P  
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First, a pathetic cry for companionship: 
12:31pm 24/05/2003
  Hi guys. I'm only home for about a week. Of this upcoming week, I have Monday (morning/afternoon), Thursday and Saturday free.

If you want to bother me, tell me.

And we can also use this as a way for everyone else to list when they're free.


This post has been edited due to changing information
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12:54pm 28/04/2003
  So what do you guys think of me blonde?

02:14pm 03/02/2003
  ok ok, I'm finally LJing again.. message me and comment sometime!

Hope all is well..

12:04pm 14/12/2002
  how many you people want to go see lotr when we're all back in the city?  
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08:56pm 17/11/2002
mood: curious
So who here's going to homecoming?
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Let's Make A Story! 
10:23am 16/10/2002
mood: bored
On a cold and snowy winter day, the tiger-woman decided she couldn't take the pressure of half-humanity anymore. She had to choose she had to . . .
01:23am 05/08/2002
10:21pm 21/07/2002
  should i be scared that im being draged to one of shanias partys?

mabe its a good thing that its going to be in a diner in downtown manhattan.

although i personally have nothing aginast shania, ive heard some pretty bad stories about her parties
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12:14am 07/07/2002
mood: amused
Dammit, I was about to make this...
Don't read my mind!!!
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I have made IT 
09:29pm 06/07/2002
mood: hyper