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Lunacon 2006

Luncaon 2006

When: March 17-19

Where: Hilton Hasbrouck Heights

How to get there: $3.10 via NJ Transit from Port Authority Bus Terminal
Take #163 "Upper Ridgewood via Union City" to Boulevard & Williams Ave,
and call 201-288-6100 for FREE hotel shuttle pickup.

What to bring: Clothing (Comfy Clothes & Pajamas, Optional: Fancy Underwear, Hall Costume, Dressing Up Encouraged)


Convention Programming:
Gaming (RPG, LARP, Settlers and other board games), Anime, Regency Dance, Sci-Fi Fantasy Art Show, Concerts/Filking, Book Exhibit/Raffle, Masquerade Ball (Costume), Dealers Room (Clothes, Books, Jewlery, Weapons, Shoulder Dragons)

Science Highschool's Alumni Suite Programming:
DDR, Karaoke Revolution, Festivities Friday & Saturday Night, Settlers of Catan, Ninja Burger, Scrabble, Jenga, Risk. Bring your own PS/2 games if you wish.

Lunacon is a science fiction fantasy convention unlike any other, with attendance under 1,000, it is small and intimate with a group of attendees that include some of the best and the brightest of New York City (mostly Science Highschool Students and Alumni) and it is a great networking opportunity. You will have an amazing time, there will be programming and people you fall in with, you will have fun.

How Much? $50 for a Badge to go to Con Programming and Bring a Sleeping Bag and Ramen, there are always people willing to host.
The scale: Bring Ramen or Bring $50 for Food. $50-$250 to spend in the dealers room. $20-50 to chip in on a room.
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